Trefigal, a family enterprise established in 1986, is the extension of a business project that goes back as far as 1959, when many companies in the Alto Deba district moved their production centres to the capital city of Alava .

Trefigal launched its business manufacturing fastening products and later developed towards other products such as annealed and galvanised wire and strips. Although our products have many uses: industry, civil construction, agriculture, etc., with time, we began to specialise and are currently supplying a wide range of customers with annealed wire for the packaging sector.

Trefigal's installations cover an area in excess of 2,000 m2, of which 30% are dedicated to the storage of raw material and material being processed and the rest to production activities. We also have a complete analysis laboratory - the material we produce is supplied with its corresponding quality certificate .

Thanks to our experience, together with the reliability of our service and the quality of our material, we have become one of the leading companies that specialise in the provision of wire for the recycling sector, where wire resistance and elasticity is so important.

We are present in all regions in the Spanish market; furthermore, we are presently beginning to introduce our products in neighbouring countries, such as France and Portugal, proving the confidence we have in our future growth.
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